WWE's Becky Lynch Details How Motherhood Has Changed Her Career

WWE star Becky Lynch has discussed how motherhood has changed her career, while also talking about balancing a demanding career as a top WWE superstar

During her recent appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," she said that she wants to be present as a mother and be a role model for her daughter, while also reflecting on how her mother was there for her. 


"It's so hard and I have to remind myself that my mom was also a flight attendant. She was gone but I don't remember her being gone, I just remember her being present. I remember her always making cakes for the bake sale, I remember snuggling (with her), I don't remember the absence of her," she said. "I just remember the presence of her."

The WWE star admitted to changing after becoming a mother, with her having new priorities and a new identity. "You have to grieve the person that you were before and it's an amazing thing, and a wonderful thing to be a mother, but you also in some ways miss that person you were before," Lynch said. 

But, she said that she's grateful for having the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds at this stage in her career. "I get to keep that, I get to keep that thing that made me feel like me, the thing that I love, and I get to have my daughter, so I feel so lucky," said Lynch.


The WWE Women's World Champion made a triumphant return to WWE at SummerSlam 2021, after a 15-month hiatus for the birth of her daughter, defeating Bianca Belair to capture the SmackDown Women's title.

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