Former WWE Star Goldberg Reveals Why He Won't Join AEW: 'Not A Chance'

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has had a storied career, and despite his many detractors, there have been rumblings that he might either sign with AEW or make some special appearances for them. However, during an interview with "93.7 The Ticket," Goldberg himself shot down any notions he'll ever appear in the promotion.


"The product is too cheesy. It doesn't deserve to have — I mean, whatever ... Now you're gonna really get me going!" Goldberg exclaimed. "But if there was a comparable viable option as a competitor [to WWE] that would allow me to still look myself in the mirror after I was a member of their roster? Yeah, then it would be a consideration, but not a chance." Based on what Goldberg said, it's safe to assume he won't be seen in AEW anytime soon, if ever. However, based on his statements earlier in the interview, where he seemed to suggest he's moved on from having a final match in WWE, it doesn't seem like Goldberg will return to the Triple H-led promotion either.

So, will Goldberg ever have a retirement match? Interestingly, he had a lot of positive things to say about the Japanese wrestling scene during an interview last month. According to the former WCW Champion, he described his brief stint in Japan as "the best time" in his wrestling career. Because of this, could Goldberg instead have his final match in a Japanese promotion? Only time will tell.


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