Rhea Ripley Taunts Becky Lynch And Liv Morgan After WWE Raw Battle Royal

Last night on "WWE Raw," Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan took part in a Battle Royal to crown a new Women's World Champion in the wake of Rhea Ripley's injury. After a grueling battle, Lynch added yet another title reign to her record, defeating Morgan herself in the final minutes of the match. However, Ripley isn't phased by the new title holder, and took to social media to bash and demean both Lynch and Morgan for their efforts in the match. "The forever runner up and the interim champ."


Despite Rhea's message, Lynch seems to be over the moon about her victory. In a backstage interview right after winning the title, "The Man" explained what drove her through the match, and how she reminds herself of her journey. Additionally, she noted that her daughter is also a major reason why she continues to push herself, and that she hopes she made her proud last night.

However, it doesn't seem like Morgan has given up on her revenge mission, as she was the one to respond to Ripley. "Coming from the forever hypocrite. Keep watching me Mami, I can't wait to put on a show for you." It can be safely assumed that Morgan will likely clash with Lynch sooner rather than later, especially since she has a lot of history with "The Man" and even recently suffered a defeat to her during the March 11 "Raw." Only time will tell, but it seems that whoever walks away from this pending feud will have to deal with Ripley upon her return.