Video: Becky Lynch Gets Emotional After Capturing Women's World Title On WWE Raw

Becky Lynch captured gold yet again during last night's "WWE RAW" when she defeated multiple women in a Battle Royal. The seven-time champion was caught backstage after her win and asked what it meant to her to become champion again, and what she plans to do going forward. "Yeah, it feels great to hear, I never held this championship before." Lynch seemed to be very impressed by the belt and pointed at it as she marveled at the title. However, she admitted she's been far too busy in recent months. "Look at it, it's beautiful, it's beautiful. Look, for the last few months, Rhea even said it, I've been burning the candle at all ends. I've been away from my daughter for weeks on end."


Lynch's book seems to be a success already, as she noted that it's been a New York Times Best-Seller for close to a month, which makes the hard work worth it. "It's worth it man, because the words of my book are written on my gear. And it reminds me why I do this, where I started, where I've gotten to. And we're just going up, baby, we're just going up!" "The Man" also noted that making her daughter proud is a motivation point for her, and that her daughter saw her victory with Seth Rollins at home, as the two watched "Raw."

Lynch was asked about her plans as champion going forward, and whether she'll also be a "workhorse champion" like Rollins was before losing his title. In response, she affirmed that this would be the case, meaning that fans of "The Man" will be able to see her compete every week.