Former WWE Star Mandy Rose Recalls Her Least Favorite Match In NXT

Mandy Rose had a significant run in WWE, leaving her many matches and moments to be a part of. On the 24th edition of the "Power Alphas Podcast", Mandy Rose had a request from a fan during the show to rank her "NXT" matches from worst to best, in which Rose revealed what her least favorite match was in the company.


"My least favorite match was actually my singles match versus Dakota Kai," Rose remembered. "[For a] couple different reasons. Dakota and I never really never worked before, I didn't think we had the best chemistry probably because we never worked before and there was a couple mishaps in the match ... I was just a little messy because her kick almost hit my shoulder ... So after that moment I was kind of in my head cause I thought I injured my shoulder, thankfully I didn't." 

Rose went on to explain that it was a rough collision and a shoulder injury that led to neither women being on their top game. 

"It was really cramped up in the match, so I had that, I had my shoulder, I felt all discombobulated," Rose continued. "I didn't feel my best and I think she didn't really either at that moment. So that would be my least favorite match I would have to say cause close injury call, thankfully it wasn't."


Rose also recently spoke about her WWE release in 2022, saying she still felt guilty about her exit from the company. 

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Power Alphas Podcast" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.