Video: New WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams Reacts To Title Win

Recently, Trick Williams walked out victorious when he went up against Ilja Dragunov in a grueling match for the NXT Championship. The newly crowned champion was caught backstage to share his thoughts about capturing gold, and what this first major title reign means to him.


"Man, it means the world to me, man. I've been fighting a long time for this," Williams said. "This is a testament to the hard work. I've been fighting for this and I come from fighters. I've been fighting my whole life." Williams then opened up about his family, and how both his mother and brother are also currently fighting their own battles. "My mama's fighting right now. She in the hospital. My brother's been fighting for a long time, it's all good. So, I did this — It's bigger than me. It's not just for me, it's for everybody. The people that have been having my back for a long time. They taught me how to fight and I'm'a keep fighting." The champion also made it clear he won't be slowing down despite the big win, meaning fans can safely assume that he'll be a fighting champion as well. "I'm never gonna stop fighting. Believe that."


However, while Williams deserves a moment to bask in his victory, he'll likely have to be very wary of the target that's on his back because of the NXT Championship. While his rivalry with Carmelo Hayes looks to be over, Williams' journey as NXT Champion is just beginning, and the stakes will now be higher than ever before.