Bully Ray Predicts What WWE Fans Will See Next From The Rock

On "Busted Open Radio", Bully Ray shared his excitement about the next chapter of The Rock's character in WWE, explaining that the "Final Boss" should be set up to return even stronger than first presented leading up to WrestleMania 40. Bully compared Rock's future comeback to "Star Wars", specifically relating his identity to Darth Vader. "I'm looking forward to this next phase for The Rock because ya know, whenever the bad guy gets defeated in the movie, the bad guy always goes and regroups and comes back stronger, a la "The Empire Strikes Back." You know, Luke and the Rebels blew up the Death Star but Vader comes back strong in "Empire," that's what I'm looking for from The Rock." 


Bully says he would be interested in watching Rock possibly defeat Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship, and believes that "The American Nightmare" does not need to hold the title for a full year. "I would not even mind The Rock taking that strap off of Cody and making Cody chase again ... I don't believe that Cody needs to have some kind of credible long run a la Roman or anybody else. Cody's story was that of the underdog who fought through, who fought the "Final Boss" who overcame the "Final Boss" and finally Roman Reigns ... I have no problem with Rock coming in and defeating Cody if Rock's going to stick around right and at least do some business with the WWE, not just disappear." 


Although it's uncertain when Rock will return to WWE, or if there is a plan for him to wrestle Rhodes this year, during an interview on "Good Morning Britain", Rhodes stated that he does believe a match between himself and "The Final Boss" will occur sometime in the near future. 

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