WWE Champion Cody Rhodes Discusses The Rock's 'Obsession' With Him

Cody Rhodes is the face of WWE's new era after ending Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Championship run at WrestleMania 40. Rhodes almost didn't get to finish his story as The Rock returned to the company threw a spanner in the works, with the TKO board member making it his mission to ensure "The American Nightmare" didn't walk out of WrestleMania 40 with Reigns' title. Since that didn't go to plan, The Rock has made it clear that he has his eye on Rhodes going forward, and during an interview on "Good Morning Britain," Rhodes said that The Rock might be a bit too focused on him. 


"I didn't go to Hollywood, Hollywood has come to me in the form of The Rock, Dwyane Johnson, and he's got like... I don't want to say — oh I don't know the word — well we'll say it, like a little obsession with me. So I await his return." 

Rhodes was then asked if he thinks a match with The Rock will actually take place at some point. While he doesn't know what's around the corner at any point of his career, he is quietly confident. "I want to say yes," Rhodes said. "I think it'll really come down to can I be a good champion – not even, a great champion. Roman Reigns was a great champion, and will that be enough to entice The Rock?" 

Rhodes also said that The Rock claims to have made wrestling cool again. However, while Rhodes admitted that The Rock might have made wrestling cool in the first place, it's a new generation of stars that he is a part of that deserves the credit — not Dwayne Johnson.


Please credit "Good Morning Britain" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.