The Rock Promises To Come Back To WWE For Cody Rhodes: 'Our Story Has Just Begun'

New Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes may have finished his story with Roman Reigns, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed their story is just beginning after he pinned Rhodes in the main event of Night 1. On the "WWE Raw" after WrestleMania 40, a traditionally rowdy show when it comes to the crowd, The Rock interrupted the new champion to not only give him his flowers, but give him a mysterious object, saying Rhodes wouldn't even have to open his hand to know what it was.


Rhodes was introduced by Paul "Triple H" Levesque to open the show, and a video package recapping his victory was played. Rhodes began to address the crowd before The Rock's music hit. The men waited in the ring as the crowd chanted various things at "The Great One." The Rock told Rhodes that his father in heaven had a "big smile" on his face when Rhodes captured the championship, and asked if he could hold the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The men traded belts for a moment, as Rock was still carrying the belt given to him by Muhammad Ali's widow at the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

The Rock then said he "has to go away for a little while," but when he comes back, whether Rhodes is champion or not, he's coming for him. He said Rhodes' story with Reigns may be over, but "our story has just begun." Rhodes replied that while The Rock is his actual boss since he's on the TKO board, Rhodes is the champion — and he's The Rock's champion. That's when The Rock gave Rhodes something small that fit in his hand before "riding off into the sunset." As of this writing it's unclear when he plans to return.