Why Tommy Dreamer Was Confused By Bron Breakker's Call Up To WWE Main Roster

Tommy Dreamer believes WWE has something special on their hands with Bron Breakker, and nearly wasted it by calling him up to the main roster at the Royal Rumble and then giving him small wins over Xyon Quinn and Dante Chen on "WWE SmackDown."


On the latest "Busted Open Radio," Dreamer said a less-than-stellar performance on the main roster can hurt Breakker's prospects.

"Don't wish to get called up because if they don't have great creative plans for you, you're gonna get lost in the sauce," Dreamer explained. "Bron Breakker, his call up, I was like, 'Why are you calling up somebody now?'" 

Dreamer felt that bringing him to the main roster with no creative prospects would lead to Breakker not feeling special. "What's he done since he got called up? He had a couple of impactful debuts, couple of wins," Dreamer said. 

The former Impact Digital Media Champion believes that Breakker should've been heavily featured in the upcoming draft for his debut, citing Finn Balor's buzzworthy ascension to the main roster in a similar fashion. 


Breakker was put in the Royal Rumble as a replacement for Brock Lesnar, who had been set to be featured in the Rumble before he was entangled in the current sex trafficking lawsuit filed against WWE. Breakker was slotted into Lesnar's role but it is unclear if he was ever meant to debut so soon on the main roster, as he was heavily featured as the "WWE NXT" Tag Team Champion alongside Baron Corbin for much of the start of the year.