Former WWE Star Cameron Grimes Opens Up About Recent Release

During last week's broadcast of "WWE SmackDown," reports indicated that a trio of WWE Superstars were released from their contracts. Naturally, this news produced some unsettling feelings backstage, particularly with Cameron Grimes, whose presence on WWE television had dramatically decreased over the last year. Despite this, Grimes confirmed to "Busted Open Radio" that he was personally reassured that his position in WWE was safe and secure. Unfortunately for Grimes, that reassurance ultimately turned out to be false, as he too was released from WWE five days later.


"Starting the stock market gimmick [in WWE NXT], it made me see businesses in a different light. Following these companies and playing with stocks, I would see things in a different light. I knew that I hadn't worked in over a year and I'm making a decent salary, so I knew that if someone was to look at the books, I'm going to be the first person that's going to be cut if you're looking at it strictly as money wise," Grimes said. "But if you're looking at it as like, 'Okay, well, if this is a talent that can do something for us,' they're going to keep me. So I was told by a high [WWE] executive on last week on Friday that I would always have a job here, I would never have to worry about losing my job here after expressing my concerns like that to him. And then five days later, they called me and told me that I did lose the job."


Grimes' WWE journey began in 2019 as he reported to the WWE Performance Center, and then, the "WWE NXT" brand. In his four-year stint on "NXT," Grimes notably boasted reigns with the NXT North American Championship as well as the briefly revived Million Dollar Championship. Following the 2023 WWE Draft, Grimes received his official call up to the company's main roster, where he resided on the "SmackDown" brand up until his departure on April 23, 2024.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.