WWE Star Big E Pitches Third Member To Join A-Town Down Under

On "The Bump", Big E named a current WWE wrestler he thinks would be a great addition to the team of "A-Town Down Under" with Grayson Waller and Austin Theory. When the new WWE Tag Team Champions joined the show, Big E explained who he thinks the third member should be. "It would have to be someone of a similar temperament, which is hard to find. It's difficult to find people who rub others the wrong way the way you guys do ... You know, I'd like to see you with Corbin. How about that?" 


Theory and Waller seemed somewhat surprised by Big E's recommendation to have current "WWE NXT" star Baron Corbin join their team and become a faction. Waller specifically appeared to be very interested in this idea saying, "Hey Twitter would love us dude, I'm in! I think that would be fun, isn't he a wolf dog now though? Yeah get drafted with us Corbin and see what happens." 

Big E won't have to wait long to see if Corbin joins "A-Town Down Under", as WWE revealed that all current main roster champions on each brand will be protected for this year's edition of the draft, staying on their respective shows. Therefore, Theory and Waller will stay on the "WWE SmackDown" roster due to being WWE Tag Team Champions at the moment. The WWE Draft kicks off on "SmackDown", Friday, April 26, and will continue on "WWE Raw," Monday, April 29, with both rosters officially being locked on May 6. 


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