Bully Ray Highlights Key Element Of WWE NXT Title Match

Trick Williams was crowned NXT Champion this week, finally besting Ilja Dragunov after numerous attempts. On a recent "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray gushed about the showing at "NXT Spring Breakin'," especially Williams's desperate pin attempt at the end of the match.


"Trick [Williams] covered [Ilja] Dragunov like his life depended on it," Bully gushed. "Most of the time, we see a cover done in a way where it's a little nonchalant ... that was a very credible cover last night." 

Bully explained that he believed in Trick's pinfall because Trick believed in his pinfall.

"I don't know if that was Trick who decided to cover him so credibly," Bully said, noting that either Ilja, an agent, or even "WWE NXT" boss Shawn Michaels himself could've told Williams to cover in that fashion. But who gave the order doesn't matter to Ray. "What matters is I saw with my own eyes, Trick Williams cover the world champion, Ilja Dragunov, like his career depended on it."

Williams finally beat Dragunov in their fourth encounter. Dragunov had been champion since last September when he beat Williams's former friend and ally Carmelo Hayes to win the title. Hayes and Williams had a falling out over their pursuit of Dragunov, and while Hayes had been unsuccessful in regaining his lost title, Williams persevered. The win comes off a big WrestleMania weekend, where Williams got to main event NXT Stand & Deliver in Philadelphia, the city where he trained with the Philadelphia Eagles before his career in wrestling.