Former WWE Talent Cameron Grimes Shares 'Biggest Learning Experience'

On "Busted Open Radio", former WWE star Cameron Grimes made an appearance to speak about his release from the company, as well as some of the learning experiences he had wrestling in both "WWE NXT" and on the main roster. Grimes went into detail about what WWE taught him the most while working there.


"Ultimately just learning how to become a professional," Grimes explained. "You know this is my 16th year as a professional wrestler, so like I've learned how to do the moves, I've learned how to do all that, but what WWE teaches you the best is how to be a professional. You're around so many people that are, let's just say millionaires ... you learn how to move differently, you learn how to conduct yourself differently."

Grimes also made it clear that moving forward, his main goal is to continue wrestling. He shared his unconditional love for the business, and has more motivation than ever to get back into the ring. "I just want to work, at the end of the day I just want to work and everything will kind of fall in after that ... before coming to WWE, I was one of the guys that would have hour long matches, I just loved it, I just loved to work. In the past probably four years in WWE, I probably had a total of 20 minutes of match you know what I mean? So like, I'm just excited to go out there and do it, that's really all it is, I just want to work." Grimes' last match in WWE took place on an episode of "WWE Smackdown", where he lost in under two minutes to Bron Breakker. 


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