Spoiler: First WWE Speed Champion Crowned After Last Night's SmackDown Taping

After the April 26 edition of "WWE SmackDown" hit the airwaves, the final of the WWE Speed Championship tournament took place, pitting Ricochet — who defeated Dragon Lee and JD McDonagh to advance — against Johnny Gargano, who defeated Angel and Bronson Reed. After nearly three full minutes of action, it was Ricochet who emerged victorious and was crowned the first-ever WWE Speed Champion.


Back on February 9, WWE announced that they had agreed a partnership with social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to produce exclusive content that aired on the site. The idea was to film matches for a new concept called "WWE Speed," a series of bitesize matches that could be viewed on social media that went no longer than five minutes, something that had already been tested out at the back end of 2023.  It was later announced that the show would premiere on  April 3, where the match length was changed to a maximum of three minutes, and that a tournament would be held to crown the first-ever WWE Speed Champion. The tournament final will air on X on May 8.


With the win, the WWE Speed Championship becomes the fourth singles title that Ricochet has won in WWE, following reigns with the NXT North American Championship, and the WWE United States Championship, and the WWE Intercontinental Championships. It has yet to be confirmed whether Ricochet will defend his newly won crown every week or if there will be matches to determine new challengers each Wednesday.