Corey Graves Officially Announces WWE Speed Starting In April, Winner Gets New Title

WWE has announced that they will introduce a new title and a new match type called WWE Speed beginning next month.

"WWE SmackDown" commentator Corey Graves announced on X that the WWE Speed matches will last 3 minutes and air exclusively on the social media platform X. He revealed that WWE Speed will kick off on April 3, a few days before WrestleMania 40.


"Starting April 3, WWE Speed, airing exclusively on X, brings a fresh and dynamic new twist to classic in-ring competition, where some of the fastest and toughest WWE Superstars do battle with time itself because in WWE Speed our Superstars only have 3 minutes to defeat their opponent," revealed Graves. "3 intense, adrenaline-fueled minutes where strategy, agility, and strength collide. This isn't just another match; this is a sprint to the finish line. The prize? The prestigious, first-ever WWE Speed Championship. So brace yourself for a tournament like no other where every match is a finale, every second could define a Superstar's legacy. WWE Speed, April 3, exclusively on X."


In his announcement, Graves didn't reveal the Speed Championship, but judging by the graphics WWE has used so far, it could likely have a green theme. WWE and X announced a partnership to create the Speed title last month, and reports suggest both main roster and "WWE NXT" stars will feature in it. New Catch Republic's Pete Dunne has reportedly been involved in the WWE Speed matches as a producer. The last singles title that WWE introduced was the 24/7 Championship in 2019, which was an intergender title that was made inactive in 2022.