WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Gets Candid About Diamond Dallas Page

Few superstars have anything bad to say about WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, who has mentored many up-and-coming wrestlers — notably, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes is a well-known protege of the former WCW star. Speaking on an episode of "1 Of A Kind With Rob Van Dam," ECW legend Rob Van Dam opened up about how highly he thinks of DDP. 


"DDP is a role model for me. I think so highly of that guy, he's helped so many people; wrestlers that we know, and also just so many ordinary people and it's amazing. The before and after s*** from students of his that subscribe themselves to his yoga and his lifestyle and they're able to turn themselves from being basically crippled and not being able move, to being able to, like, run sprints and walk on their hands." Van Dam said that he would find these transformations hard to believe if he didn't personally know some people who benefitted from the program. 

RVD also commended DDP for successfully breaking into the wrestling industry at age 39, with typical stars in the 1990s being much younger. Ultimately  RVD could not say enough good things about DDP's impact inside and outside of the ring. "My hat's off to DDP. He literally makes the world a better place."


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