WWE's Cody Rhodes Discusses Diamond Dallas Page Being 'Right' About WrestleMania 40

Cody Rhodes has recalled the advice that WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page gave to him before he finally finished his story by becoming WWE Undisputed Universal Champion at WrestleMania 40

On a recent episode of the "SI Media with Jimmy Traina" podcast, Rhodes detailed his experience of the chaos leading up to WrestleMania 40, and the words of encouragement he received from Diamond Dallas Page. Rhodes recalled what the WWE Hall of Famer said to him before the big day. 


"No matter what happens to you, it'll be the best thing that ever happened to you," Rhodes revealed, recounting what Page told him, a sentiment that he said was true. The WWE star stated that the buildup to WrestleMania led to confusion among the fans who could not discern if it would be Rhodes or The Rock that was going to challenge Roman Reigns. "I just still thought, 'It'll be fine.' I maybe was in denial because a lot of people around me were very angry but I just thought, 'Nope, it's gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine, it will work out,'" Rhodes recalled.

While Rhodes was grateful for the outcome on "The Grandest Stage of Them All," he alluded to the turmoil and challenges that led up to the big win. He stated that fans will likely be able to see what happened behind-the-scenes during that time as they were all being filmed. 


"Not to kick the can down the road, we filmed a whole behind-the-scenes, they filmed everything. Rock's team films everything, our team filmed everything. I think they're finishing it up in terms of they had it ready and now I think they put some other elements on it just from the fallout of WrestleMania and hopefully that hits YouTube sooner than later."

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