TNA Wrestling Star Joe Hendry's New Single Tops UK iTunes Chart

It certainly seems like the UK believes in TNA star Joe Hendry. The Scotsman's catchy entrance theme "I believe in Joe Hendry" has been an earworm for professional wrestling fans since he debuted in the Impact Zone, and earlier this week he rallied fans to purchase the single in a bid to top the charts. As of Monday, Joe Hendry officially found himself in the company of Taylor Swift and Hozier, seizing number one in the daily iTunes chart


Hendry addressed the milestone on social media, calling for a continuation of the support so that he can definitively "confuse the world by taking the top spot.

"Joe Hendry needs you. That's because my song, that we filmed right here, on the daily iTunes charts has got to number one in the UK, number 11 in Ireland, and 44 in the United States," Hendry wrote. "As for today, we've got to keep it going all week but if we do, a pro wrestler could be number one in the charts this week. So folks thank you so much for all the support, this is unbelievable, love all you guys, and remember if you believe get across to iTunes, Amazon, wherever you download your songs, go do it and let's confuse the world. Let's get to the top of the chart," he announced. 


Hendry signed for TNA in 2022 after making appearances with the promotion from 2018 and has since held the TNA Digital Media Championship. Prior to that, he was a prominent act on the UK independent circuit, specifically with WCPW/Defiant Wrestling and the short-lived World of Sports Wrestling revival. He has continued to enamor fans with parody tracks, dissing the likes of Matt Cardona and AJ Francis over the past year.