Booker T Suggests Interesting Spot For Ilja Dragunov To Land On WWE's Main Roster

WWE Superstar Ilja Dragunov recently lost the NXT Championship to Trick Williams. Dragunov will reportedly be called up to the main roster, and will likely be drafted during tonight's "WWE Raw." Booker T recently commented on Dragunov's next step on the main roster during an episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast and proposed what his first move could be.


A fan recently wrote into Booker's show and suggested that Dragunov could join Imperium, which the veteran agrees with. "Just being in that faction right there, he won't get lost in the shuffle or anything like that. He's really, really good and you're going to be looking to, you know, see who we can put him with."

Booker also stressed that Dragunov will be able to come out strongly with Imperium and that he'll be able to get a chance to shine. "No matter who you put him up against because he's gonna have backup. So, yeah, I can see that happening right there, that would be a great faction for him to be a part of."

Dragunov was a target of Imperium while they were still an "NXT" faction, feuding with them during this time. Considering that they recently kicked Giovanni Vinci out of the faction, there's room for one new inclusion. WWE officials are reportedly high on the former NXT Champion, and more details about their future plans for him should materialize soon.


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