Video: WWE NXT Locker Room Erupts In Applause And Cheers When Dijak Is Drafted To Raw

WWE star Dijak will now officially be calling "WWE Raw" his home going forward, which many fans online are happy about, considering all the time he has spent in the promotion, including reinventing himself after the panned Retribution stable fell apart. After "Raw" went off the air, the WWE Draft continued with supplemental draft picks. A clip showcasing Dijak's draft announcement has, since then, surfaced online, showcasing his reaction to the news. An emotional Dijak can be seen reacting to the applause of the "WWE NXT" locker room, and following this, it's revealed he had two sets of sunglasses and scarves, one in blue and one in red, in anticipation of being drafted. On top of this, the locker room broke out into chants saying "You deserve it."


It remains to be seen if Dijak can now flourish on "Raw," and mirror the popularity he had in "NXT" over on the main roster. The star has clearly come a long way since his days as "T-Bar," and with his revitalized gimmick he might just have a chance to become a legitimate threat. Notably, since signing with WWE in 2017, Dijak has not once captured gold despite many title shots. 

Now that he's on "Raw," could he feast his eyes on Sami Zayn's Intercontinental Championship, in an attempt to prove himself to main roster fans? While this could be a viable option, Zayn is currently in a heated feud with Chad Gable, who has recently turned heel. Their feud will likely have to end before stars like Dijak can get a legitimate shot at the gold.