Kevin Nash Critiques The Elite Attacking Tony Khan On AEW Dynamite

During last week's "AEW Dynamite," Tony Khan got physical for the first time in the promotion's history, after a returning Jack Perry sucker punched him followed by The Young Bucks delivering the ironically named "Tony Khan Driver" onto their boss. The spot has since received a mixed reception online, and on "Kliq This," Kevin Nash brutally criticized the angle.


"There was no heat, there was nothing established except that if you're ever injured at an AEW event, your best bet is a luchadore," Nash said. He then continued to ridicule the people who eventually came out to aid the unconscious Khan, considering there were several luchadores who ran out to assist him. "And then all of a sudden, this is getting bad, we need more luchadores." The veteran then questioned Khan's next step, and pointed out that he should now fire the EVPs considering that CM Punk got fired for less. "You can't have a storyline that shows — a couple of weeks earlier — the Punk-Perry altercation, which was nothing. That was enough to get rid of Phil." Following this, he similarly criticized the Bucks for being hypocritical by beating down Khan, after they claimed the fight between Perry and Punk upset them and led to their All In defeat.


In conclusion, Nash harshly bashed AEW once again, this time calling "Dynamite"s ending garbage. "You gotta quit f***ing going on national television and s***ing in the ring. That thing they ended with was garbage. Number one, you've got to get someone in there creatively that knows what the f*** they're doing. If that was Tony's idea, it was bad."

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