Video: Jack Perry And The Elite Destroy Tony Khan In Closing Segment Of AEW Dynamite

After an eight-month absence from AEW television, Jack Perry returned on "AEW Dynamite," hitting the ring in the main event segment to ask AEW President Tony Khan to shake his hand, reinstate him, and "continue to change the world together." Perry got all that he asked for and more, punching Khan in the stomach and setting him up for further damage at the hands of The Elite.


Perry, who was last seen in AEW at All In in August of 2023 before Sunday's surprise appearance at Dynasty, showed up with The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada at the start of tonight's show, walking into the arena through the back and eventually ending up in Khan's office. Later in the show, it was revealed that Perry and Khan would meet in the ring, setting the stage for the latter's first physical involvement in the company's five-year history.

Beginning the segment by addressing the Jacksonville crowd by saying he's had some of the best times in his life there, Perry pivoted in saying that they had business to handle and that he wanted to do it face to face with Khan. After Perry admitted that the two have had ups and downs, not always seeing eye to eye, the former Jungle Boy said, "I swear to God, the only thing I have ever wanted is what's best for AEW." The two would then embrace, raising each other's hands before Perry's attack, and ultimately, The Young Bucks finishing Khan off with none other than the TK Driver.


As the show went off air, a slew of AEW stars rushed toward the ring and to Khan's side, along with Shahid Khan, Tony's father, and AEW co-owner, who looked stunned and concerned for his fallen son.