WWE Hall Of Famer The Undertaker Discusses Potential Cody Rhodes Opponents

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes had one of the most praised WrestleMania moments in recent memory, but now that he's defeated Roman Reigns and The Rock has returned to Hollywood, many are criticizing the lack of legitimate opponents "The American Nightmare" has. On his "Six Feet Under" podcast, Mark "The Undertaker" Calaway gave his take on who Rhodes could enter into a feud with next.


Calaway proposed that Rhodes has around four major storylines waiting to happen, but that it's not wise to try and predict the direction booking will go since things change quickly. "But I think he'll be busy. Man, his plate, I mean, some so many people make sense for him to work with." Many believe that the likes of Seth Rollins or former Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER could be viable opponents, and Calaway agrees. "He lost the Intercontinental belt but that's the sign right there [that] it's time to move up a level. You know, they had to get that off of him so it puts him in a different situation."

"The Deadman" also noted that Randy Orton could be another potential feud, as well as Reigns, but noted that the former "Tribal Chief" will likely be out for some time. However, Calaway pointed out that Brock Lesnar could be back on the table as well. "From what I understand, Brock is not completely out of the picture. There's some hurdles he's got ahead at him to get to 41, so yeah. It'll be interesting to see his journey."


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