Video: DIJAK Reacts To Being Drafted To WWE Raw

After a lengthy tenure on "WWE NXT," where he went to reinvent himself following the collapse of the Retribution stable, Dijak has officially been drafted to "WWE Raw." A video clip of the supplemental draft pick was leaked earlier today, which showed the "NXT" roster chanting and an emotional Dijak, but now WWE has released an official version, including an interview with the star himself.


In his post-draft interview, Dijak claimed he expected to be drafted one way or another. "Absolutely expecting it. I mean, I know who I am, they know who I am." He then sent a shout-out to Logan Paul for providing him with a red Prime, before explaining what sets him aside from the rest of the "NXT" locker room. "It's all red, all day. I got something that a lot of these people here don't have, and these are great, talented superstars here. All of them are very, very impressive. But what they've never been is they've never been drafted to "Monday Night Raw" before. I have, okay?"


Even Dijak hasn't forgotten about his days as "T-Bar," and stressed that both that character and Retribution are dead, and suggested that everyone will now get to see him compete as he was always meant to. "But that's in the past. T-Bar is dead. Retribution is dead. What's alive is Dijak. Okay? That's my real name; Dijak. Everybody is about to 'Feast Your Eyes' on the Dijak Hijack of Monday Night Ratio!"