Matt Hardy Says This New AEW Acquisition Is 'One Of A Kind'

Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay had a monumental clash during the AEW Dynasty pay-per-view, and the match has received a lot of online admiration since. On "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Hardy commented on the match and levied heavy praise on Ospreay. Hardy explained that he thought the match was great, and that he had heard a lot of hype about it before watching the bout for the first time.


"Will Ospreay is just such an anomaly. I mean, he's just ... he's a one-of-a-kind. (...) And the way his agility and his coordination is just so out of the ordinary." "TheĀ American Dragon" is similarly one of the most respected names in the industry, and Hardy didn't fail to give the veteran his due. "Everybody knows that Bryan Danielson is one of the greatest of all time, just an amazing wrestler, an amazing storyteller." Hardy then explained that the two gave 150% to the match, and that it was very compelling due to this.

"The Broken One" also pointed out how new Ospreay is to the American wrestling scene, and how quickly the AEW audience has bonded with him. "He has a connection that is hitting just in the right way with all the AEW audience. And the crowd for that match made it so much better. The crowd enhanced that match." Hardy also praised the crowd for their reactions to the match, and explained that "you can't substitute a great crowd."


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