Photo: JD McDonagh Shows Off Results Of Loaded Punch From Logan Paul On WWE Raw

During last night's "WWE Raw," The Judgment Day tried to corner Jey Uso and attack him with the help of Logan Paul and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Paul was handed Mahomes' Super Bowl rings and attempted to knock Uso out, but the star ducked and the punch hit JD McDonagh right in the head instead. Many fans pointed out how hard the shot looked, and it seemed like it was a legitimate punch. McDonagh recently took to social media to share a photo of his bruised forehead, calling out Paul and threatening the star to send a crate of Prime to his doorstep in the morning to compensate for the bruise. "I better have a crate of @PrimeHydrate on my doorstep tomorrow morning @LoganPaul!"


Paul responded, making light of the bruise, urging the star that his head would be able to handle it. "You good, nothing that dome can't handle."

The conversation continued, and this time McDonagh jokingly claimed that he's part Samoan, seemingly agreeing with the United States Champion. "I'm part-Samoan."

It seems like the feud between Damian Priest and Uso is continuing to heat up with every week that goes by. During "Raw," Uso, Andrade, and Ricochet got a win over Judgment Day, which means that the storyline might just become more convoluted as more people get involved. Interestingly, both Andrade and Richochet could make for fresh challengers for the World Heavyweight Championship. On top of this, with Paul's involvement, his United States Championship might similarly be added into the mix.