Main Roster Tag Team Helps WWE NXT Tag Champions Retain At Spring Breakin'

NXT Tag Team Champions Nathan Frazer and Axiom got a little main roster help from New Catch Republic to retain their titles against The Authors of Pain on "WWE NXT" on Tuesday during night two of Spring Breakin'. 


The champions were up against Akam and Rezar, with Karrion Kross, Scarlett, and Paul Ellering of The Final Testament at ringside. The teams immediately went after each other in the ring, before the bell had rung. Frazer and Axiom hit multiple suicide dives, attempting to knock AOP off their feet before the match started. After the bell finally rang, the champions started off the match fast but were taken quickly to the ground throughout a picture-in-picture break by AOP.

Following the commercial, Frazer tagged in and once again tried to take Akam off his feet with high-speed offense, and knocked Rezar off the apron as he tried to get in the ring. He attempted another suicide dive but was caught on the outside by Rezar. At one point, Frazer and Axiom hoisted Akam up onto the top rope, but Scarlett hung on to Akam's leg. The referee attempted to throw out the rest of the Final Testament from around the ring.


As the official was talking to Kross, AOP set Axiom up for a double-team move. Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne interfered on the champion's behalf, helping Axiom get the pin and retain their championships.