AEW's Kenny Omega Names PWG Match With 'Retired' Star As One Of His Career Highlights

AEW's Kenny Omega has become one of the world's most revered wrestlers, having spent most of the last decade wrestling matches great enough to earn the moniker "Best Bout Machine." Long before he was performing at Wembley Stadium at All In, however, Omega had put in some of his best work with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. And he addressed which of those bouts in particular stands out to him during a recent Twitch stream (h/t Fightful). 


"One that I really enjoyed, that I think was just so fun to watch from start to finish, was my match against  and I mean, he's long since retired, but before he retired and went back to his orphanage in Mexico, I had a good match with a guy named El Generico," he said. Fans may recognize El Generico as the pre-WWE ring name for current Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. As Generico, Zayn won both the World and Tag Team titles in PWG, as well as the ROH Tag Titles. He dropped the character ahead of joining WWE in 2012, and as Sami Zayn came to the fore, El Generico has had a few varied tales to explain his disappearance. All of which share one thing in common, the luchador character had returned to an orphanage in Mexico. 


Omega gave somewhat of a hat tip to Zayn's recent success, albeit without directly mentioning him. "I don't know what he's up to now. I hope he's doing okay. But that's one of my favorites," he said.