Why The Undertaker Thinks Cody Rhodes Could Be A Great WWE Heel (But Won't Be)

On "Six Feet Under", The Undertaker discussed if Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes should maintain his current role as a babyface or eventually turn heel. 'Taker said he believes there are heel qualities within Rhodes' character, but explained that he's unsure of when the transition should actually happen.  "Well I don't know if he would switch as champion ... I don't know what the approach would be there, but I think he would be a good heel, I think he's got heel qualities. He gives me a heel vibe, like I could see him very easily being smug ... I can see it, like I can feel it in his character." 


Undertaker also went into detail about Rhodes always having an underdog feeling about him despite the possibility of him turning heel eventually, and explained that he's a character that's always going to be believable when trying to overcome the odds. "The thing I think with Cody, he's always going to be a little bit undersized right? He'll still be able to be the underdog ... I mean I can just see GUNTHER you know chopping the crap out of him and Cody caving in, it's just having to fight from underneath and fight for insurmountable odds because that title that he's fought so hard for the last two years is his now and he don't want to give it up." 

Rhodes will have his first Undisputed WWE Championship title defense against AJ Styles this Saturday at Backlash


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