AEW's Jeff Jarrett Says This WWE Hall Of Famer Is 'Certainly' On His Mt. Rushmore

The "Wrestling Mount Rushmore" is a concept that has been consistently used over the years by both fans and wrestlers alike to share who they believe the top four stars of the entire industry could be. In a recent episode of his "My World with Jeff Jarrett," Jeff Jarrett commented on the names he would select for his personal Wrestling Mount Rushmore" and how one WWE Hall of Famer would "certainly" be on his list, the controversial Jerry "The King" Lawler.


"Looking at Lawler through the lens of a businessman – not only my fandom, and throwing a great punch, throwing him across the – Lawler wasn't afraid of any bumps," Jarrett said.

Jarrett admitted that Lawler has courted controversy, which has led to him becoming a divisive figure amongst wrestling fans. Nonetheless, Jarrett believes that he deserves to be on every "Wrestling Mount Rushmore" especially his.

"All the wrestling stuff and that's cool – again: a flawed human being, the ups and downs, and the story behind the story, but the business side of it and how many tickets he sold? For me? I don't see how he's not on a Mount Rushmore; he's certainly on mine," Jarrett explained.

Unfortunately for Lawler, his health has been an ongoing issue, especially after he infamously suffered a heart attack live on WWE television. In 2018 he also suffered a stroke, and is currently recovering from a knee replacement surgery.


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