Eric Bischoff Looks Back On Lex Luger's Role In WCW

Wrestling legend Lex Luger might not have captured gold as many times as the likes of Hulk Hogan, but there's no denying that he was one of the 1990s' most popular stars. Luger is best known for his tenures in the WWF and WCW, and recently, Eric Bischoff explained what "The Total Package" added to WCW on his "83 Weeks" podcast.


Bischoff looked back at Luger's early days with WCW, and praised both him and Sting for their contributions while calling them the "next-generation of WCW." However, he admitted that Sting tends to get more recognition due to his history with Ric Flair. "What a phenomenal performer, professional, and character Steve Borden went on to become. Not only in WCW as the initial Surfer Sting and all that, we all know the rest of Sting's story, but this is about Lex Luger."

The WWE Hall of Famer claimed he knew little of WCW before he started working there, and when he arrived he saw Luger and Sting as two of the top talents in the promotion. Bischoff then admitted that he wasn't on the best of terms with Luger by the time he left for the WWF. "I didn't have much of a positive connection with Lex, let's put it that way, let's be kind. (...) So, when Lex left to work for the WWF, I was about as happy as an announcer could be to not have to announce someone that was typically not that fun to work with."


Eric Bischoff believes Lex Luger set the tone for WCW Nitro

While the two were not on great terms, once Bischoff was put in charge of WCW, Luger's contract with the WWF was coincidentally set to expire. Bischoff then noted that at the time, they had done a lot of research for what fans wanted, and there was an overwhelming response that claimed they loved surprises, which led to a major decision.


"In a very unique situation, WWF management didn't even know he was up for renewal, everybody assumed he was under contract because they weren't paying attention," Bischoff said. "Because they didn't perceive WCW as a threat at the time." He then met with Luger and the two entered into an agreement. "It was a surprise that was felt around the world literally, even in places that 'Nitro' wasn't airing because the word got out instantly!"

Bischoff praised Luger for taking the leap. "It absolutely set the tone immediately and defined the brand of 'Nitro': it's where you came to find the unexpected." Additionally, Bischoff lauded Luger for the transformation he underwent after becoming partially paralyzed, and the man that he is today. "Lex Luger has come out of all of these challenges a much better human being than he went in."


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