AEW Performer Ric Flair Is Not Happy About Being Left Out Of Upcoming VICE TV Series

VICE TV has gained quite a rep in recent years for producing engaging documentaries based on wrestling history, most notably their "Dark Side of the Ring" docuseries. Their latest such project is titled "Who Killed WCW," and will feature interviews with many of the biggest names from the now-defunct promotion, except for Ric Flair. "The Nature Boy" caught wind of his exclusion, and recently took to social media to slam the production team for not even reaching out to him despite how big his impact was on the Atlanta-based company. Flair additionally pointed to Eric Bischoff, who recently praised him for the difference he made in WCW.


"As Usual More Bulls***, No Interview With Ric Flair Who Was WCW, And Who Made Everyone There For 20 Years. Run By The Same People Who Killed The Company. How Embarrassing!! A Documentary About WCW Without Me! And According To @EBischoff On @83Weeks, I Was The Greatest WCW Wrestler, And I Made Everyone In The Company As There Wouldn't Be Anyone Without Me. Diamonds Are Forever And So Is Ric Flair! For You Haters, Please Go To 83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff If You Have A Problem!"


The "Who Killed WCW" docuseries is being produced by TKO board member Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who was notably one of the biggest stars in the WWF while it was going head-to-head with WCW in the '90s. It's unclear who exactly Flair means when he says "the same people who killed the company," but Bischoff and Vince Russo, who often get joint blame for WCW's 2001 demise, are both involved.