WWE's Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson To Produce Docuseries On The Demise Of WCW

It's been a busy Tuesday morning for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, after a story emerged accusing him of unprofessional behavior on film sets, as well as being late for movie projects and even WrestleMania 40, though WWE has since denied the latter claims. It's not all bad news for Johnson, however, as the WWE board of directors member has another new project lined up, one that should be of great interest to wrestling fans.


Deadline reports that Johnson and Dany Garcia's Seven Bucks Productions studio will executive produce the docuseries "Who Killed WCW?" for Vice TV. As the title makes evident, the series will focus on the rise and fall of World Championship Wrestling, from its origins as Jim Crockett Promotions through its rise during the Monday Night Wars, all the way to WWE purchasing the promotion in 2001. The series is scheduled to begin on June 4 and will feature interviews from former WCW executives and wrestlers, as well as wrestling insiders.

"The iconic rise and fall of WCW is one of professional wrestling's most captivating stories – full of big dreams, massive successes, painful failures, and the harsh realities of the pro wrestling business," Johnson said. "With wrestling viewership and fan engagement at an ultimate high, there has never been a more perfect time to tell top-quality wrestling stories, and there's no better one to start with than a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes look at this epic saga, known as The Rise and Fall of WCW and personally, the rise of WCW, not the fall, inspired me greatly early in my career where I would eventually become, the Final Boss."


This will be the second docuseries Johnson has produced for Vice TV. The two sides had previously collaborated on the "Tales From The Territories" series, which aired in late 2022.