Kevin Sullivan Discusses AEW President Tony Khan's Harvey Weinstein Remark

The heat between AEW and WWE seems to be ever-increasing, and in the latest chapter of their back-and-forth, AEW CEO Tony Khan compared WWE to disgraced former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In light of this, veteran wrestler Kevin Sullivan gave his take on what Khan said and his recent actions on "Tuesday with The Taskmaster." Sullivan noted that Khan has been growing more outspoken, despite once claiming he'd never become an onscreen character. However, Sullivan admitted that the Weinstein comparison was "hard," especially because of all the people upset that Weinstein's rape conviction recently got overturned.


"I know he's on the right path, but sometimes you have to temper your enthusiasm and think about what you're doing," Sullivan said. Kenny Omega recently returned and was ruthlessly attacked by The Elite. However, Sullivan believes this took the heat off of Tony, and should not have happened. Instead, he provided an alternative where Omega came out more resilient: "You've got to have Omega fight them to the death if they overcome him," he said. "Whoever you think you're gonna put with him. They hit the ring, the heels slide out, Omega's down, but he put up a hell of a fight."

Khan has been selling his injury, and even wore a neck brace during the NFL Draft. Sullivan noted that while some criticized this, he believes AEW got some momentum out of it, and that they need to continue using it correctly. "Get the heat, just pile it on until you decide who's going be on what side and who you're gonna use to push this angle forward."


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