JBL Discusses His Participation In 2024 WWE Draft

WWE recently held another iteration of their Draft, which shook up the locker room significantly. The Draft episode of "WWE Raw" also featured a segment between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre, which John "Bradshaw" Layfield got to be part of. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," Layfield commented on the experience, and how the industry has rapidly evolved.


"You know, it was fun! I got to be out there with the segment with Drew McIntyre and CM Punk," he recalled. Layfield then noted how fired up the audience is today. "I mean, these crowds are absolutely insane right now, it's hard to believe business is like this, you know." Layfield then looked back at America's history and noted how major families attained massive amounts of wealth that nobody could imagine. "You had Carnegie and Vanderbilt and Rockefeller and those guys get this wealth that nobody thought they would ever see." He then pointed out how things are the same today with Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, and described the world as a village — meaning ties are closer than ever — which he believes is something happening in wrestling today.


Layfield then praised the numbers WWE is currently doing on television, with their contracts, and social media, and briefly compared it to his own experience trying to break into wrestling early in his career. "It's just an incredible time. It's fun to see when, you know, guys like us came up through the territories and you were just hoping to get paid!"

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