A-Town Down Under Beat Street Profits, Win First Tag Title Defense On WWE SmackDown

A-Town Down Under successfully retained their WWE Tag Team Championships on the go-home episode of "WWE SmackDown" before Backlash. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory defeated The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, to hold on to their gold. The Street Profits won the opportunity to challenge for the newly-branded titles after defeating New Catch Republic, the Authors of Pain, and Legado del Fantasma on the April 19 edition of "SmackDown." Dawkins pinned Angel of Legado to cement his team as the official number one contenders for A-Town Down Under's first title defense as WWE Tag Team Champions.


Waller hit a cheap shot before the bell rang, but it was Dawkins and Theory who started the match. The Street Profits attempted to take out the champions with their quick offense, but couldn't keep up their speedy attempts for long, with Waller and Theory pulling each other in and out of the ring to protect their championships.

Waller hit a coast-to-coast on Dawkins, targeting his hip. Dawkins was able to recover and he and Ford hit a Blockbuster on Theory, but the champion was able to kick out. Waller hit a Flatliner while the referee was distracted, and Theory stole a pinfall victory on Dawkins.