New WWE Tag Team Titles Revealed, Next Challengers Determined

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller of A-Town Down Under appeared Friday night to follow in the steps of "WWE Raw"'s Awesome Truth, and trade in their "SmackDown" Tag Team Championships for a new pair of titles: the WWE Tag Team Championships. A-Town Down Under shared the ring with Nick Aldis and Paul "Triple H" Levesque to receive their new titles. The new titles take design cues from the historic World Tag Team Championships, which were active from 1971 to 2010. Waller approved of the new design, and noted that it was a "superstar's championship".


Theory and Waller are nothing if not dramatic, and when prompted to shake Levesque's hand following the reveal of the new titles, Theory and Waller instead elected to shake the hand of their teammate and act tough in front of WWE's CCO. Aldis stepped in, and warned the two that if they were to disrespect Levesque again, then he would use his authoritative power to dissolve the team of A-Town Down Under. Whether this is related to the upcoming WWE Draft or is simply a threat from an official figure is unclear.

Immediately following the title exchange, The Street Profits, New Catch Republic, Authors of Pain, and Legado del Fantasma took to the ring to compete for the chance to challenge A-Town Down Under for the new WWE Tag Team Championships. Angelo Dawkins pinned Angel of Legado del Fantasma to cement The Street Profits as the new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships.


As of writing, it is currently unclear when The Street Profits will clash with A-Town Down Under for the WWE Tag Team Championships.