The Judgment Day Helps Damien Priest Retain World Heavyweight Title At WWE Backlash

World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest retained his title against Jey Uso at Backlash, with some unwanted help from his Judgment Day stablemates in his champion's first title defense since cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 40.


Priest had control of the match at the beginning, before Uso took it outside of the ring, driving Priest into the barricade with a suicide dive. Before Uso could battle back enough, JD McDonagh knocked him from the ropes while the referee's back was turned. Priest didn't take too kindly to the interference and asked McDonagh why he was there. Uso capitalized and delivered superkicks to McDonagh and the champion.

Both men battled back to their feet following an Uso Splash and a kickout by Priest, and began exchanging strikes to the tune of "Yeet" and "No Yeet" from the French crowd. Balor tried to interfere, coming out of the crowd, but was met with a superkick from Uso. Priest hit a clothesline on Uso off the distraction and followed it up with a South of Heaven before Uso kicked out. Uso hit another kick and Uso Splash on Priest, but McDonagh put the champion's foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin.


Uso took out McDonagh and Balor, but was knocked off the top rope by Priest when he attempted another Uso Splash. Priest hit the South of Heaven from the second rope, and pinned Uso to retain the title. Following the match, Balor and McDonagh started to beat Uso up further, but Priest ordered them to back off and stand beside him, as he lifted the World Heavyweight Championship in victory.