WWE Backlash Broadcast Reveals Another QR Code That Brings Up A Familiar Number

WWE's mysterious glitches and QR codes continued into Backlash, with this latest one indicating that a reveal may be coming sooner than later. In between matches, as WWE announcer Michael Cole was talking about the host city of Lyon, France while B-roll of the countryside rolled, a QR code hit the screen that sent viewers to the WWE-hosted landing page www.wwe.com/porte_ouverte. (That slug, "port ouverte," is French for "open door.")


On the page, an audio file is hosted, along with what appears to be a phone number, 888-280-3999 — the same number that, in 2022, revealed an audio clip of Bray Wyatt's doctor revealing his (in character) mental health diagnosis, ending with a tease of his return. When playing the audio on the page, a distorted female voice says, "You think you're so close to finding him but you don't even know what you're looking for. He's not what you think. He just wants to help. That's all he ever wanted. He opens up his arms and makes you feel like you matter; like you belong. He doesn't change you. He, he reminds you. He wants to know, 'Why did you forget about them?' He says he opened the door and the time of secrets has come to an end."


The familiar phone number now hosts a different message, mentioning "the ones that had gone missing," and going on to say, in part, "None of you cared. Their families didn't care. Their friends didn't care, but I set them free. They are my family now and we will do anything to protect our family. I can't wait for you to see what we've become. It's beautiful." The mention of multiple people lends credence to rumors that the likes of Bray Wyatt and Wyatt Family associates such as Alexa Bliss and Erick Rowan may be part of a Wyatt Family offshoot, led by Howdy/Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda), the late Windham Rotunda's real-life brother.