WWE Reportedly Re-Signs Former Tag Team Champion, Bray Wyatt Associate

WWE star Bray Wyatt's passing hit the wrestling world hard, especially since he was reportedly close to being medically cleared, and fans have theorized that Wyatt's brother, Bo Dallas (who played the mysterious "Uncle Howdy" during Wyatt's final run) could continue Wyatt's stories. This speculation only grew louder after the WWE documentary based on Wyatt's life, "Becoming Immortal," seemed to tease a continuation of his story, and now, a report from PWInsider Elite suggests WWE has re-signed original Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan. The move is not completely unexpected, having been foreshadowed by Rowan pulling out of an independent show due to "contractual obligations" two weeks ago.


Rowan is best known for his lengthy tenure in the Wyatt Family alongside the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) and Braun Strowman, who came in later. Rowan and Lee won tag team championships both in "WWE NXT" and on the main roster, but Lee was released back December 2019, and after a brief storyline (and second tag title run) with Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) Rowan followed Lee out the door in April 2020.

Interestingly, Braun Strowman recently returned from injury just in time for the Draft, where he came to the aid of Jey Uso and got in the face of NFL star Patrick Mahomes. Fans have speculated that WWE could use Wyatt-centric supporting characters like Rowan and Strowman to make form a new faction led by Dallas. If this is the case, such a faction could also be a vehicle for re-introducing Alexa Bliss after she returns from maternity leave, and free agent Matt Hardy has also expressed interest. Meanwhile, WWE has been reusing flashing QR codes again, much like they did when they teased Wyatt's 2022 return in the notorious "White Rabbit" storyline; these codes are reportedly indicative of Dallas' return, with or without the Uncle Howdy costume.