QR Code During WWE SmackDown Leads To New White Rabbit Clue

Okay, wrestling conspiracy theorists. It's that time again. This week's "SmackDown" saw Hit Row host a backstage party. Not long after the party started, the Street Profits came into view and partied with Hit Row. But it's not the party we are talking about.


While Hit Row and The Street Profits were enjoying themselves, eagle-eyed fans spotted a QR code briefly flash inside a monitor in the background. A QR code was also spotted during another party segment later in the show.

The QR code took fans who scanned it to a simple online maze game featuring a white rabbit. Those who successfully reached the end of the maze were treated to a new clue in WWE's ongoing viral mystery. The closing image featured a white rabbit, coordinates, and the word "patricide." The coordinates actually point to Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That's the venue for this Monday night's "Raw." "Patricide" means the killing of one's father.

Following The White Rabbit

The latest bread crumbs left by WWE are similar to what fans saw on this past Monday's episode of "Raw." A QR code led to a video featuring the mysterious white rabbit and a game of hangman, featuring the clue "Who Killed The World?" The answer? "You Did."


Alright, lightning round to wrap up the white rabbit mystery so far. Over the past week or so, fans in attendance at WWE live events heard the song "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane played over the speakers, accompanied by a brooding red light. This also occurred during commercial breaks during "Raw" and "SmackDown," including the episode on Friday night.

Many fans are assuming that this is all leading to Bray Wyatt's return to WWE. It is believed by many that Wyatt will be revealed as the man behind the white rabbit. Wyatt has played his part, teasing fans on social media. If we trace Wyatt's career all the way back to his Florida Championship Wrestling days, he did indeed say he killed his father in a promo. For now, we will have to wait and see what Monday brings us.