Matt Hardy Discusses Rumored New Wyatt-Themed WWE Faction, Possibly Participating

Ever since teasers for an imminent Bo Dallas return emerged in early April 2024, the wrestling world has speculated about a potential extension of the late Bray Wyatt's creative legacy. Some have speculated that Dallas' return could lead to the emergence of the "Wyatt 6," a planned-but-never-debuted faction of Wyatt-aligned Superstars. 


On "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy", Matt Hardy — who himself worked with the late Wyatt from late 2017 to September 2018 — spoke about a potential "Wyatt 6" faction.

"I feel like Windham could have turned the Wyatt 6 into something very special. Very creative guy, very passionate," Hardy praised. "But just now, considering Bray's awful and terrible passing, I feel like, in memory of Bray, the Wyatt 6 has a chance to do really good, and I think having people in it [involved] in it that were close to him, that are really motivated to carry on his legacy, really motivated to honor him ... pay homage to him as time goes forward. I feel like it can be very successful, especially if it is done in the right way."


After feuding in 2017, Hardy teamed with Wyatt for approximately six months in 2018 as The Deleters of Worlds, and they won the "Raw" Tag Team Championships. The former AEW star expressed an enthusiastic interest in participating in the Wyatt 6.

"Yeah, I mean, any time I have the opportunity to do 'Broken' Matt Hardy, that's appealing to me," Hardy said. "I'm much more open and willing, I think, to do 'Broken' Matt Hardy than to do regular Matt Hardy, at this stage of the game."

Hardy spoke about Wyatt's legacy impacting a potential Wyatt 6.

Given the recency of Bray Wyatt's passing, some stress the sensitive nature of a Wyatt-related faction, and Matt Hardy commented on the inimitable nature of Wyatt, and what that means for the Wyatt 6.

"They can't try and emulate Bray, and do the exact same things [he would do]," Hardy said. "They would have to utilize his style and his creativity and walk down that avenue, but do it in their own words — they have to paint their own pictures."


Hardy proposed a potential start for the Wyatt 6 that included a holographic recreation of Wyatt. While technologically daring, this practice has been seen before in WWE, with the holographic portrayal of Paul Bearer at Survivor Series 2020.

"One of the first things I suggest to this, say you have 'Broken' Matt as part of the Wyatt 6. If Vanguard 1 shows up, and a hologram pops out. From here on out, the hologram — we can do an AI — it's Bray Wyatt, and he is the one that is the mind of the group, and he is leading the group. He is the beacon of light that carries things on," Hardy said. "I think with the Wyatt 6, I think you can have the common bond of everyone — their love for Windham, right? And that's kind of, like, what everyone's motivation is: to continue his legacy, to let it live on in WWE."


Hardy also spoke highly of Bo Dallas, praising his Bo-lieve gimmick from his "NXT" days, stating that Dallas is a unique person, much like his late brother.