QR Code Flashes On WWE Raw, Reveals Cryptic Message

A series of cryptic symbols and a QR code leading to hidden messages, and ultimately, a mysterious video appeared on "WWE Raw" as The New Day made their entrance for the Triple Threat number one contenders' tag team match. It's hard not to be reminded of 2022's "white rabbit" teases that led to Bray Wyatt's eventual return with the uptick in these types of Easter eggs of late, especially amid speculation that the Uncle Howdy character could soon make a return.


As Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods made their way down the ramp, the screen glitched before showing what appeared to be the glyph representing Pluto, followed by an image of a raven, followed by the QR code, which led to a puzzle of its own at the WWE-hosted URL wwe.com/qrisme. Laying those two images over each other revealed another URL, wwe.com/UEDNJ51A, where another image is found depicting the raven held by a hand in front of a flame, and behind a man, who appears to be looking toward the shadowed projection of the bird in front of him. There is also a video below the image, in the style of an old VCR tape, broadcasting the messages, "Time to wake up," "Take my hand," and "Things will be better," before ending with "Trust me," and repeating the glyph and the bird images.


Wyatt's real life brother Taylor Rotunda, FKA Bo Dallas, has been rumored to make an eventual return as the Uncle Howdy character who ran alongside Wyatt in his final WWE run and the conjecture has only heated up since the release of the Wyatt documentary "Becoming Immortal" on Peacock, which ended with a tease of its own. Soon after on another episode of "Raw," hidden messages and social media takeovers furthered speculation even more and it continued again tonight.