Eric Bischoff Calls WWE Alum One Of The 'Most Powerful' Characters Of Last 30 Years

Many of the biggest names in the industry at the time passed through WCW while Eric Bischoff was in charge of the promotion, which allowed him to not only book them but see their strengths and weaknesses. In a recent episode of his "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff reflected on the career of Goldberg during his prime and described the veteran as one of the "most powerful" stars he's ever seen.


"Bill Goldberg was able to get to the top – and by the way, and still to this day, was playing at the highest level," Bischoff said, noting that Goldberg was essentially thrust into a main event scene full of some of wrestling's most indelible characters.

"He was one of the most powerful characters over the last thirty years," Bischoff boldly proclaimed. He then pointed out how Goldberg is still riding the success of his early run today. "He's been able to ride that splash – if you think about it – like a wave. He made a wave over the course of about two to two and a half years and he's been riding that mother**er ever since."

Earlier in the same podcast, Bischoff claimed that Goldberg has had a massive impact on the industry, but not because of his wrestling prowess. "He was here for a minute! He showed up, not knowing how to lace boots, and within eighteen months was one of the biggest things in the industry at a time when the industry was f**king hot!"


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