WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Looks Back On Working With AJ Styles

Long before he came aboard WWE, AJ Styles firmly established himself as one of the long-time faces of TNA Wrestling. In his 12-year TNA run, Styles boasted notable feuds with the likes of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Booker T, whom he defeated to become the second-ever TNA Legends Champion. During a recent interview with "SHAK Wrestling" Booker T looked back on his TNA feud with Styles, as well as their initial introduction in the early 2000s as part of the WCW roster.


"[I had a] great time working with AJ Styles. Great times trying to help AJ Styles in a few different ways," Booker said. "He's so talented. I can't tell him anything about his wrestling, but for me, I was there for AJ in TNA. I wanted to see the growth of AJ Styles. I actually got a chance to see AJ Styles as a little bitty kid at the end of the WCW run. So I saw that kid grinding for so long, and then to see him now, to see the man that he has grown into. I remember him being in TNA and he was still such a dime in the rough. He could go out there and wrestle. He could do anything. But to watch him now and see how well-rounded AJ Styles is, I'm talking about from A to Z, he's a totally different cat."


Seven years after battling over the TNA Legends Championship, Styles and Booker were reunited under the umbrella of WWE. While Styles rose through the rankings as an in-ring performer, Booker continued to settle into various non-wrestling roles, such as a commentator and pre-show panelist.

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