Shelton Benjamin Calls WWE HOFer, AEW Star 'Greatest Athlete' Ever In Pro Wrestling

Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin has named a current AEW star as the greatest athlete to ever step inside a wrestling ring.

In a recent interview with "WhatCulture Wrestling," Benjamin argued why WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn is the best in the ring, highlighting how he could outwork anyone in the business.


"To me, I think the greatest athlete to ever enter into pro wrestling is Billy Gunn ... and the thing is Billy Gunn to this day can out bump anybody, he can outwork anyone, like I can't think of a better athlete and like I said, I think he's number one and I'm number two. So shoutout to Billy Gunn because you are the freaking man," said the former WWE United States Champion.

Benjamin stated that Gunn is a "monster of a man" and even compared him to a certain Marvel character. "He's the Hulk. You know what, here's the thing, we made this analogy one time about Billy Gunn, we say, when you see Billy Gunn on TV, it's like seeing David Banner. But it's when you meet him in person you realize he's actually the Hulk, like that's how we view Billy Gunn, 'cause he's a monster of a man." 


The veteran star also shared how early on in his wrestling career, he felt he had to cover up most of his muscle and often seemed like a smaller-sized wrestler with his first run in WWE. "I covered up when I first got there. But, no, honestly, I always felt like a little guy to the point where when I actually left WWE and I started doing indies and even when I went to Japan, a lot of people did not realize how big I was. They thought I was like a, you know, 100-200 pound guy  and I'm like absolutely not. Like, no, I'm a little bigger." 

Benjamin recently provided an update on his future plans after staying relatively quiet after his release from WWE.