WWE Hall Of Famer No Longer Under Contract With Company After Decades-Long Tenure

It's been a year of change so far for WWE, with the promotion in the throes of a new era as they try to distance themselves from former Chairman Vince McMahon. Even separate from that, however, WWE has also changed over its roster over the past month, with several names from the main roster and "NXT" being let go. As it turns out, they were preceded by WWE parting ways with one of its most notable stars, and voices, of the past earlier in 2024.


PWInsider reports that WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is no longer with the WWE after his broadcast contract expired with the promotion "at the onset" of the year, with WWE choosing not to offer "The King" a new deal. WWE and Lawler's association isn't fully at an end, however, as Lawler is said to remain under a WWE Legend's deal.

Lawler's departure from WWE ends a 31-year relationship between him and the promotion, which began in December 1992. While he continued to wrestle sporadically for WWE over the years, "The King" became best known to WWE fans for his role as color commentator, most notably during the Attitude Era, where he called matches with fellow WWE Hall of Famer and long-time friend Jim Ross.


News of WWE declining to re-sign Lawler was slow to get out, largely due to Lawler's retreat from the public eye following a stroke in February 2023. Due to his health issues, including a 2012 heart attack on "Raw" that nearly cost Lawler his life, some in WWE were surprised by his departure, with onne person going as far as to say that Lawler would've been kept around under the old regime of McMahon's and that Lawler's departure was a true sign that "the old company is dead."