WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair Reveals He Suffered Heart Attack During 'Last Match'

Pro wrestling legend Ric Flair infamously had a "Last Match" pay-per-view back in 2022, where he competed in a tag team match. Flair had previously stated that he passed out during the match, however, while appearing on the "JAXXON PODCAST," he revealed that he suffered a full-on heart attack.


Flair noted how he trained for the match, claiming he got in the best shape he's been in since his twenties. Additionally, he revealed that even he wasn't aware of the heart attack, and only found out about it six months ago. "I went and got a — I go to the heart doctor like every six months because I've got the pacemaker, right? " Flair said that his pacemaker wasn't installed because of a heart condition, but for doctors to figure out why his heart rate was low.

Flair then recalled how the doctor declared upon examination that he had suffered a heart attack within the last two years, which puzzled the "Nature Boy," as he said he never had any pain. "He said, 'Have you passed out in the last two years?' And during my last match, I passed out three times, and I thought it was because I was dehydrated." The WWE Hall of Famer pointed out how, at the time of his match, he believed he was dehydrated and simply drank two bottles of Gatorade before partying with Kid Rock afterward. "I feel great, that's my problem. I'm sure I'm just gonna fall off a chair one day! They're gonna say, 'There he is. Get that little son of a b**** up out of here.'" (h/t Post Wrestling).