WWE's AJ Styles Recalls Time In Bullet Club, Sees Potential Problem For NJPW Stable

The Bullet Club just celebrated its 11th anniversary in NJPW, originally being founded by Prince Devitt, now known as Finn Balor in WWE, on May 3, 2013. Since then, the group has included some of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era, such as former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White, and former WWE Champion AJ Styles, who acted as the group leader during his two years with the faction.


Styles was asked in a recent interview with "SHAK Wrestling" why he thinks the Bullet Club has become such a successful faction, especially in its early years, to which Styles explained that everyone in the group was allowed to let loose. "I think it was a moment in time where we go 'let's just have fun," Styles said "If you're able to have fun, people are going to have fun with you and that's exactly what we did." Styles explained that there was almost no restrictions in terms of what they could do in Japan, which allowed people to buy in to them as a group.

However, there is one problem Styles has with the Bullet Club, as he thinks the group might fade away in the history books for the sole fact that so many people have been part of it. "The truth is that it may be forgotten, just like anything else," Styles said. "We had an amazing time, but it did have a lot of different people in it. So it could go by the wayside of the NWO where, it was cool at one point in time, but then everybody started getting into the NWO and you're like 'I don't even know who's in it at this point.'"


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